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Your website is an extremely important marketing tool. The majority of people will check out your website before contacting you even if they have heard of your business from your offline marketing. If your website isn't easy to follow or navigate those potential customers will move on, therefore wasting your time and money in your original offline marketing campaign.

Premtech will work in building a long standing professional relationship with you, which in turn allows us to establish a complete online online branch of your business that is targeted to your specific requirements.

Responsive Websites

The landscape of the Internet has dramatically changed over recent years. Not so long ago websites only had to be designed for a few different devices that were used for browsing the web, mainly desktop computers. Since the introduction of the Smartphone, this has changed quickly with the dominance of many different mobile devices.

Responsive design allows your website to respond accordingly to any device screen width. Desktop monitors can have very wide screens and mobile phones can be very small. Your website should be designed in a way that responds to these changes without making it hard for the visitor to view or navigate. We do this by using a technique that is fluid and scales to the exact width of the screen, therefore eliminating the need for the user to pan or scroll sideways to see the entire width of your page. In conjunction with fluid designs we use a technique that detects specific screen sizes and sets up breakpoints at these sizes. Once a screen or viewport has reached the breakpoint we switch to a different set of design styles and change the website layout to match that screen size.

Design Workflow

Taking the time to plan and test a website is an integral part of any project. A well planned design gives you the best combination of what you want your site to do and what we need to do in order to make the site the best it can be. Testing is paramount because the most beautiful website in the world is worthless if it doesn't work or people can't use it. Premtech have a group of humans (not computer programs) that test every project from an outsider's perspective. They test for usability, design, and functionality as well as the overall experience of making their way around the site.

How it happens

Website Upgrades

Complete Website Redesign Services

Premtech offer a website redesign service to upgrade your site to a responsive mobile friendly website. We can keep with the general style of your site or update it to be in line with the current layouts and design patterns.

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Payment plans from $49.95 per month

Payment Plans

Don't forget about our interest free payment plans

Premtech realise that sometimes cash flow for an investment of this nature can be difficult, therefore we have a number of interest free payment plans available to our clients on tighter budgets.

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