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Premtech Responsive Mobile Web Designers

Domain Names

Even if you are only thinking about developing a website you need to secure your preferred domain name before someone else can register it.

A domain name is the human readable address of your website for example premtech.com.au is our domain name. The http://www part you type into the browser is not part of your domain name it is part of the whole URL (Uniform Resource Locator) so http://www.premtech.com.au is a URL not a domain name.

.com and .com.au

.com domains were the first type to be introduced and is considered a top level domain or TLD. Top level domains include any that contain only one suffix — for example: .com, .net, .info, .biz, etc.

Second level domains are domain names containing another level after the .com or .net suffix. For example: .com.au is a second level domain style as it contains .au after the .com. It shows the website originates in Australia and for this reason we highly recommend using a .com.au domain name.

Email Addresses

When you have a website developed by Premtech we include a domain name and the hosting as well as email. Your email address will use your domain name, for example Premtech's domain is premtech.com.au and our email addresses are something@premtech.com.au, this gives your business a professional look and also bring consistency to your branding.

Payment plans from $49.95 per month

Payment Plans

Don't forget about our interest free payment plans

Premtech realise that sometimes cash flow for an investment of this nature can be difficult, therefore we have a number of interest free payment plans available to our clients on tighter budgets.

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