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Save time and money by updating your website from anywhere and at anytime with whirlCMS. Updating your website with fresh content is paramount to ensure visitors want to keep coming back.

Premtech offer our custom CMS option with every website, giving you the power to stay updated quickly and easily. Our system is designed in a way that allows our clients to manage their content without any technical expertise. If you can use Microsoft Word you can use whirlCMS.


whirlCMS has been developed with a robust, encrypted user login system which allows only authorised staff to access the CMS.


whirlCMS is simple to use. If you can use Microsoft Word you can update your website with the whirlCMS editor.

The editor is built right into the page so you don't have to download any software or install any extra items to use it.

It comes with a rich set of formatting options including bold, italic headings, image management and more.


Our CMS design is clean and easy to read making it less of a chore to work on your website for you or your staff members.

Years of long hours coding in front of a computer screen has taught us that the darker interface with light text is much easier on your eyes while working for any length of time. The whirlCMS interface design incorporates the lessons learned over the years.


Log in from anywhere and at anytime as long as you have an internet connection.

Having the freedom to update your website instantly from anywhere and anytime give you enormous control over your online marketing. As soon as you have a new photo or some new information you can get it out to your customers without waiting for a web designer to do it for you.

Payment plans from $49.95 per month

Payment Plans

Don't forget about our interest free payment plans

Premtech realise that sometimes cash flow for an investment of this nature can be difficult, therefore we have a number of interest free payment plans available to our clients on tighter budgets.

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